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K&L Owner, David Wisner, Speaks at U.S. Polo Association Forum

Dave Wisner, owner of K&L Contracting, LLC, specializing in arena construction, reconditioning, and maintenance, water management, and related services for equestrian properties, recently was invited to appear in Houston, Texas, to discuss arena footing construction and maintenance at the U.S. Polo Association’s Instructors/Managers Forum. Attendees hailed from 23 states, including Hawaii.

Dave holds a civil engineering degree from Virginia Tech and is an avid equestrian, having evented and fox hunted (huntsman for 15 years). His two daughters are nationally recognized collegiate polo players: Kelly Wisner, four consecutive Collegiate National Championships 2005-2008 and Lizzie Wisner, 2008 and 2011 Collegiate National Championships, and 2011 Intercollegiate Player of the Year.

 Solutions-driven topics Dave covered, including many specific questions from the attendees, encompassed:

•  how to adapt a multi-use arena for polo

•  how to identify problems with footing arising from improper construction

•  tips for maintaining an arena on a budget to avoid the expense of specialty equipment

•  the risks to the riding surface of improper watering

•  distinguishing different footing material and suitability for various equestrian disciplines.

Providing comprehensive illustrations, Dave discussed the importance of a proper base and identified problems that arise from one that has not been properly constructed. He distributed samples of different footings to attendees and distinguished each material as to its suitability for each equestrian discipline. Dave described the role that proper watering plays in maintaining footing consistency, and the adverse effect that over-watering can have on the riding surface.

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